October 12, 1996

August 18, 1996

40th Commemorative Mix Tape

I didn't "commemorate" anytihng with this mix. This was my first mix started at my new job at WMGX. As a result, it's chock full of easy classic rock from the WMGX CD library. 100 minutes.

July 05, 1996

N's Unfinished Mix Tape. Number Thirty-Nine

"Recorded July 5, 1996, just before Bob fired me."

June 01, 1996

38th Mix...Mastering the Fine Art of Compromise

"No Springsteen, No Joel, No McCartney!!!" 90 minutes

April 20, 1996

Mix #37: The Mistie Trip Mix

"Especially for the trip to Boston to see Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie."

February 09, 1996

Mix #36: Guys And Dolls

"a work in progress..."
"recorded February 9th - 21st, 1996"
Side A was all bands with guys singing, Side B was all ladies. 90 minutes

January 01, 1996

35: The Politics of Dancing

"Serious Songs about Serious Issues...Recorded Jan '96, re-recorded May '96." 90 minutes