August 01, 1993

N's 12th Music Mix

This mix is heavy on vinyl. I have marked with an asterisk* songs on vinyl.


  1. *"Bad To Me" is a Lennon/McCartney song which John and Paul wrote for the fellow Liverpool band Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas. I found this 45 rpm single in my basement in a cardboard box of my landlord's belongings.
  2. *Walking on Sunshine: Katrina & The Waves
  3. *"Midnight Blue" Lou Gramm is the lead singer of Foreigner. His solo "career" is nearly nonexistent, except for this awesome song from his solo debut LP Ready or Not. I found this LP in a cutout bin at the old HMV music store in Harvard Square.
  4. *Hungry Heart: Bruce Springsteen
  5. *"No One Is To Blame" Howard Jones recorded two versions of this song. He charted a hit with the re-make, which was produced by Phil Collins (and features Phil on drums and backing vocals). For this mix, I spliced together the first verse of the original into the remainder of the remake. I would reuse this mix on Mix 87 in 2002.
  6. That's All: Genesis
  7. *Better Be Home Soon: Crowded House
  8. Finish What You Started: Van Halen
  9. Bank on Your Love: Hall & Oates
  10. Relax: Frankie Goes to Hollywood
SIDE B: The Nouns Side
  1. "Runaway Train" This mix was relentlessly old-fashioned until this Soul Asylum song showed up!
  2. I will admit, I was totally hooked on "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane in 1992 and 1993.
  3. *"Pink Cadillac" is in my Top 5 Bruce Springsteen songs.
  4. *Goody Two Shoes: Adam Ant
  5. I first discovered "Hairstyles & Attitudes" when Timbuk3 was the musical act on Saturday Night Live April 18, 1987 (host: John Larroquette).
  6. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover: Bo Diddley
  7. Ordinary Average Guy: Joe Walsh
  8. Owner of a Lonely Heart: YES
  9. Money Changes Everything: Cyndi Lauper
  10. Panama: Van Halen
Recorded at WERS Studio P. 100 minute Maxell cassette

July 01, 1993

N's Mix #10

Side A: Frank, James, Paul, Jules, Mary Jane, and God
  1. This Poem Sucks, Mike Myers
  2. Frank's 2,000" TV, "Weird Al" Yankovic
  3. God Only Knows, The Beach Boys
  4. Breaking Us In Two, Joe Jackson
  5. Sweet Baby James, James Taylor
  6. Mary Jane's Last Dance, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  7. Blister In The Sun, Violent Femmes
  8. The Love Cats, The Cure
  9. Lightning Paul, The 4 Of Us
  10. J for Jules, 'til tuesday
  11. The Thanksgiving Song, Adam Sandler
Side B: Brazil, England, Australia, Canada, America
  1. Ponta De Lanca Africano, Jorge Ben
  2. 25 or 6 to 4, Chicago
  3. If You've Got Trouble, This is an unreleased Beatles song from 1965, written by Lennon and McCartney for Ringo to sing. It was the custom for Ringo to sing one song per LP, but this composition and performance were so lackluster, the track was discarded. Ringo sang a cover of Buck Owens' "Act Naturally" on that LP instead. I acquired this track on a bootleg, but The Beatles would eventually release the song on the Anthology box set in 1996.
  4. Sink The Pink, AC/DC
  5. "Bank on Your Love" is a Hall & Oates song using the game of poker as a relationship metaphor.
  6. Run to You, Bryan Adams
  7. Breaking The Girl, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. Mirror In The Bathroom, The English Beat
  9. 99.9 F, Suzanne Vega
  10. Pop Life, Prince & The Revolution
(Maxell 100 minute cassette)

June 30, 1993

N's Mix #9

This mix was recorded at WERS in production Studio "P". The other studios were also lettered. Studio A was the primary broadcast studio. Studio B was the secondary studio where we broadcast the live afternoon news. Studio C was our recording studio. Studio P was formerly a bathroom on the second floor which was converted to a production studio. Don't make me explain it further!

SIDE A- U.S. Mix "The Material Girl talks to Angels and Princes."

  1. Two Princes, Spin Doctors
  2. Black Gold, Soul Asylum
  3. She Talks To Angels, The Black Crowes
  4. Landslide, Fleetwood Mac
  5. All I Want Is You, U2
  6. R.E.M., Everybody Hurts
  7. 10,000 Maniacs, (Don't Go Back To) Rockville. I found this R.E.M. cover on the CD single for "Candy Everybody Wants".
  8. Talking Heads: Sax & Violins
  9. The B-52's, Good Stuff
  10. Madonna, Material Girl
SIDE B- U.K. Mix "Jackie Wilson said is it like the things we said today?"
  1. The Re-Flex, Politics of Dancing
  2. Owner of a Lonely Heart, Yes
  3. Relax, Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  4. Gimme Some Money, Spinal Tap
  5. Let Em In [live] Paul McCartney
  6. Dear God, XTC
  7. Is It Like Today? World Party
  8. Things We Said Today, The Beatles
  9. Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile), Van Morrison
  10. Tumbling Dice, The Rolling Stones
(100 minute Maxell cassette)

June 11, 1993

11: Beatles Covered b/w I Don't Love, Want, or Need You!

Side A: Covers of Beatles songs (recorded 6/11/1993) I would record another covers mix of Beatles songs in 2003.
  1. The Mamas & Papas: "I Call Your Name" is a great cover of a good Lennon/McCartney song, a song which the Beatles made a mediocre recording of.
  2. Aerosmith: "I'm Down"
  3. The Deighton Family: I found this cover of "Taxman" when I was a DJ on WERS' World Music show The Gyroscope.
  4. Phil Collins: "Tomorrow Never Knows"
  5. Joe Cocker [live at Woodstock 1969] "With a Little Help from My Friends", arguably the most famous Beatles cover ever.
  6. Billy Joel [live in the USSR] "Back In The USSR"
  7. Jeff Healey Band: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
  8. World Party: this is a note-for-note, exact Xerox duplicate of the original "Happiness is a Warm Gun". I read somewhere that World Party frontman Karl Wallinger even owns a recording console from Abbey Road?
  9. Nina Simone: "Here Comes The Sun"
Side B: Breakup songs (recorded 8/5/1993)
  1. I'm Not Your Man: Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers
  2. Hit The Road Jack: I always loved the female backup singers on this Ray Charles song. One of the best things about the Norman Jewison biopic Ray (starring Jamie Foxx) is the prominent role backup singer Margie Hendricks (Regina King) plays in the movie.
  3. Tainted Love: Soft Cell
  4. Family Man: The best Hall & Oates song which does not appear on their Greatest Hits CD.
  5. Don't Come Around Here No More: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  6. Is She Really Going Out With Him? Joe Jackson
  7. Suspicious Minds: Elvis Presley
  8. Superman: R.E.M.
  9. Kiss This Thing Goodbye: Del Amitri
  10. Hey Hey What Can I Do? is my favorite Led Zeppelin song. Well, Top 5 for sure.
  11. Missing You: John Waite
(Maxell 100 minute cassette)

June 05, 1993

N's Music Mix #8

I don't know the exact date of this recording, except it was done sometime between Mix #7 on June 5 and Mix #9 on June 30, 1993.

For the first six tracks on side A, I must have been trying to create a medley of R&B classics?

  1. Limbo Rock, Chubby Checker: from the Moonlighting TV Soundtrack LP.
  2. Jump In Line (Shake Shake Senora), Harry Belafonte: from the Beetlejuice soundtrack CD.
  3. Chain of Fools, Aretha Franklin
  4. Before You Accuse Me [unplugged] Eric Clapton
  5. Hit the Road, Jack: Ray Charles
  6. Day-O (The Banana Boat Song), Harry Belafonte [live at Carnegie Hall]
  7. For What It's Worth, Buffalo Springfield
  8. Can't Get There From Here, R.E.M.
  9. Can You Picture That? Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem: From The Muppet Movie soundtrack CD.
  10. The Globe, Big Audio Dynamite II
  11. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover, Bo Diddley
  12. 57 Channels (and Nothin' On), Bruce Springsteen
  13. I Can't Go For That (No Can Do), Hall & Oates
  14. Obsession, Animotion
  1. Smells Like Nirvana, "Weird Al" Yankovic
  2. She Blinded Me With Science, Thomas Dolby
  3. We Close Our Eyes, Go West
  4. Abracadabra, Steve Miller Band: I actually bought this whole album on CD just for this one song.
  5. Something About You, Level 42
  6. It's The End of the World As We Know It, R.E.M.
  7. Where'd You Go? The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  8. Rattlesnake, Think Tree
  9. Rush, Big Audio Dynamite II
  10. Keep Your Hands To Yourself, The Georgia Satellites
  11. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number), The Beatles
(100 minute Maxell Cassette)

N's 7th Music Mix

SIDE A: "Three Worlds"
  1. Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf
  2. Weight of the World, Ringo Starr
  3. Are You Gonna Go My Way? Lenny Kravitz
  4. Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd
  5. Jimmy Olsen's Blues, Spin Doctors
  6. Light of Day (live) Bruce Springsteen
  7. In Bloom, Nirvana
  8. Ordinary World, Duran Duran
  9. Sold Me Down The River, The Alarm
  10. Until The End of the World, U2
SIDE B: "Can't/Days"
  1. Freedom Someday, Level 42
  2. Is It Like Today? World Party
  3. Alison, Elvis Costello
  4. Can't Do A Thing (to Stop Me), Chris Isaak
  5. Patience, Guns 'n Roses
  6. Can't Buy Me Love [live] Paul McCartney
  7. Lonely Stranger [unplugged] Eric Clapton
  8. Landslide, Fleetwood Mac
  9. Blood of Eden, Peter Gabriel
  10. Tangled Up In Blue, Bob Dylan
(Maxell 100 minute cassette)