April 16, 2001

53: Three Doors

This mix is heavily influenced by my then-recent stint at AAA radio station WCLZ in Portland. In fact, you could argue that this entire playlist would easily fit on that station in 2001- perhaps not Alan Parsons Project, but the rest for sure. The cover art is from the CD insert for whitechocolatespaceegg, from Liz Phair, plus some Photoshop effects.
  1. Alan Parsons Project: Don't Answer Me (due to a faulty MP3, this song is cut off halfway through.)
  2. 'til tuesday: Coming Up Close
  3. John Hiatt: Drive South
  4. Bruce Springsteen: Where The Bands Are
  5. Lucinda Williams: Passionate Kisses
  6. Billy Bragg: Sexuality
  7. Richard Thompson: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
  8. Liz Phair: Uncle Alvarez
  9. Ben Folds Five: Steven's Last Night In Town
  10. The Old '97s: Nineteen
  11. Buffalo Tom: Kitchen Door
  12. R.E.M.: The Great Beyond
  13. Moby: Porcelain
  14. The Eels: Novocaine for the Soul
  15. Sinead Lohan: Diving To Be Deeper
  16. Patty Larkin: Wolf At The Door
  17. Pete Townsend: Let My Love Open The Door [E.Cola Mix] (as heard in the film Grosse Pointe Blank)
  18. Nick Drake: Pink Moon