January 30, 1995

20th Anniversary Mix

This mix is a bit of a misbegotten patchwork. I received my first big batch of free CDs from the BMG Music Service, and I assembled this mix over the space of six months. Conceived 1/30/1995; Recorded 4/7/95  5/25/95  10/6/95


  1. Polly: Nirvana
  2. "Sexual Healing" A cover of the Marvin Gaye song from Soul Asylum, on the No Alternative benefit CD.
  3. We Belong: Pat Benatar
  4. "Sometimes" I met the members of the band James when interning at WFNX in 1993-1994.
  5. Good Thing: Fine Young Cannibals
  6. Nice Work If You Can Get It: Sting
  7. Is She Really Going Out With Him? Joe Jackson [live]
  8. Harvest Moon: Neil Young
  9. Blues Before Sunrise: Eric Clapton
  10. So Whatcha Want? Beastie Boys
  1. Take Me To The River: The Commitments
  2. Angels: David Byrne
  3. I Alone: LIVE
  4. A Good Idea: Sugar
  5. Two Hearts Beat as One: U2
  6. Gee Angel: Sugar
  7. Plush: Stone Temple Pilots
  8. When I Come Around: Green Day
  9. Rise: Public Image, Ltd.
  10. Unseen Power of the Picket Fence: A song by Pavement, mostly about their favorite R.E.M. songs, on the No Alternative benefit CD.
  11. Can't Fight It: Bob Mould, on the No Alternative benefit CD.