July 30, 2005

104th Of July

The cover photo of my friends Kim and Laura looked like a band photo, maybe a female Steely Dan? The sunglasses, the way they're looking away from the camera, the angle, it all says "album cover" to me.
1 THE STYLE COUNCIL: "Mick's Up" (a instrumental track from their odds & sods collection.)
2 ELVIS COSTELLO: "...This Town..."
3 LIZ PHAIR: "It's Sweet"
4 GENESIS: "Turn It On Again" (I liked this song long before it was in those Chevrolet commercials.)
5 THE B-52's: "Dry County"
6 RAY CHARLES: "Let The Good Times Roll" I love the way the horns and vocals are nearly overmodulating. Sounds like a hot session!
7 GORILLAZ: "Feel Good Inc." (I first heard this song in a TV spot for those "NOW Thats What I Call Music!" collections.)
8 THE SHORE: "Waiting For The Sun"
9 KEANE: "Everybody's Changing" (When The Shore and Keane charted these big hits, I could never remember which band was which.)
10 DANNY ELFMAN: "Veruca Salt" Elfman wrote and recorded original music for the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory movie, with lyrics taken directly from the book.
11 COUNTING CROWS: "The Ghost In You" (A great cover of the Psychedelic Furs song, live at KBCO Boulder 8/28/93; from the Clueless soundtrack.)
13 MODEST MOUSE: "Ocean Breathes Salty"
14 R.E.M.: "Talk About The Passion"
15 PAUL McCARTNEY: "Momma Miss America" (used to good effect in the "travel montage" in Jerry Maguire)
16 THE WHO: "Summertime Blues" (Live at Leeds 2/14/70)
17 MARK KNOPFLER & JAMES TAYLOR "Sailing to Philadelphia"
18 NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE: "Changing Highways"