October 14, 2007

114: Living In The Now

The Cover: Quite uninspired, actually. Just some mucking about with Photoshop. I do like the font choice.

The Tracks: Heavy on the new music, with a selection of vinyl:

  1. I'm Shipping Up To Boston | DROPKICK MURPHYS
  2. Dashboard | MODEST MOUSE
  3. Runaway | TRAVELING WILBURYS (Another reason to love iTunes: the Traveling Wilburys recently released a box set, including their two albums, five extra tracks, etc. Since I already own the two albums, I was able to spend $4.96 to buy the five extra tracks a la carte, instead of shelling out for the whole box!)
  4. Australia | THE SHINS (aka my wife's ringtone)
  5. In The Mood | ROBERT PLANT
  6. 1,2,3,4 | FEIST (Another mildly embarrassing song from an iTunes commercial.)
  7. Mary Lynn | MICHAEL PENN
  8. All Through The Night | JULES SHEAR (Shear is better known for his songwriting for other people; I found one of his LPs with this song, vastly improved in Cyndi Lauper's cover version.)
  9. What Light | WILCO (a Volkswagen commercial?)
  10. The Underdog | SPOON
  11. Smile (edit) | LILY ALLEN
  12. Wouldn't It Be Good | DANNY HUTTON HITTERS (from the Pretty In Pink soundtrack, a cover of this song was on the HBO show "Extras".)
  13. Young Folks | PETER, BJORN, & JOHN
  14. I Trained Her To Love Me | NICK LOWE
  15. Gone Daddy Gone | GNARLS BARKLEY (I heard this cover version on a cable show called "Live From Abbey Road".)
  16. Sleeping With The Television On | BILLY JOEL (My favorite Billy Joel song which no one else knows.)
  17. Rehab | AMY WINEHOUSE
  18. Everything I Need | MEN AT WORK (The single from their third LP which no one bought.)
  19. Ever Present Past | PAUL McCARTNEY
  20. Running Up That Hill | PLACEBO (This cover has been on a few TV shows, trailers, and commericals.)
  21. Your Own Worst Enemy | BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (so so so SAD!)