December 12, 2010

128 Teenage Dream

  1. "Holiday" Vampire Weekend
  2. "No One's Gonna Love You" Band Of Horses: I bought this song after Cee Lo Green covered it on this new album.
  3. "Sweet Thing" Van Morrison
  4. "Teenage Dream" Glee Cast Version: No one's going to believe me when I say I have no patience for the TV show, but I love The Warblers cover songs. This one gives me chills.
  5. "Satisfied" Cee Lo Green: Anyone who wears their love of Prince so proudly has my support.
  6. "I Would Die 4 U" Prince & The Revolution
  7. "Blue Jean" David Bowie: I used to try to minimize the number of songs which reappeared on mixes over and over again. Over the years this habit became calcified to the point where mixes were loaded with: new songs + old songs which I didn't love. I am trying to loosen up and include some "golden oldies" where appropriate!
  8. "The Suburbs" Arcade Fire: I like this song, even if the rhythm section is super-cliche'd, and it's a little too long.
  9. "You Are The Best Thing" Ray LaMontagne: great fun, even if he's super derivative.
  10. "The Difference" The Wallflowers
  11. "The Word" The Beatles
  12. "Way Down Now" World Party
  13. "Ruthless People" Mick Jagger: The edit of this song which opens the eponymous movie is much shorter and better. This one drags on for 4m30s.
  14. "I Belong To The Band" Mavis Staples
  15. "Crazy About You" Whiskeytown
  16. "No More No More" Aerosmith: Does anyone remember when Aerosmith was an active rock and roll band which didn't record ballads for movies? Me neither.
  17. "It's Only Wednesday" Crash Kings: I think I heard this song in the movie Zombieland?
  18. "Valerie" The Zutons: what the heck is a Zuton?