October 21, 2006

110: S**T Blended Up

The title was inspired by a monologue we heard at the comedic showcase Mortified- the woman was reading from her teenage diary, an entry about summer camp and the so-called "food" the campers were fed.
The Cover: the top half is my face, with my vintage sunglasses I bought from an Indonesian man on eBay; the bottom half is my wife brushing her teeth.
The tracks: the blend is a little forced. I try not to use the same tracks on mixes repeatedly, but I should not have used that particular Jennifer Trynin song. I had just read her autobiography Everything I'm Cracked Up To Be, and I wanted to include a song of hers, but I should have stuck to one of the "hits" instead of trying to include a "deep cut". I need to learn that I don't have to be adventurous with EVERY choice! On the other hand, I dug deep for the Semisonic track "El Matador", which I now really love. I had just read the drummer's autobiography, So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star, which inspired that choice. The last track is U2's "Vertigo", which I shoulda left off. I was sick of that song at the time, and I am sick of it now:
  1. Battle Without Honor or Humanity TOMOYASU HOTEI (aka That Song from Kill Bill)
  2. Let Keane In KEANE vs PAUL McCARTNEY (a great mashup)
  4. Give Judy My Notice BEN FOLDS a very early-70s country-rock vibe.
  5. Least Complicated INDIGO GIRLS
  7. Lose Yourself EMINEM (an awesome song on its own, even better in the context of the movie 8 Mile.)
  9. El Matador SEMISONIC
  10. Pictures of You LIT (an okay cover of the Cure song. The original was in those Hewlett-Packard computer printer commercials at the time.)
  11. Come Around RHETT MILLER
  12. Any Little Town THE PUSH STARS
  13. When You Were Young THE KILLERS
  14. Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again) WILCO
  15. Rock Your Body JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
  16. Time Won't Let Me THE SMITHEREENS
  17. Bad Reputation JOAN JETT
  18. Vertigo U2